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of getting there will have to vary with the
fluctuating variations of national feeling and
national policy.
There is this idea of federalism upon which I
have already submitted a criticism in  7. As I
have shown there, the Streit proposals will either
take you further or land you nowhere. Let us
assume that we can strengthen his proposals to
the extent of making a socialistic economic
consortium and adhesion to that Declaration of
Rights, primary conditions for any federal union ;
then it becomes a matter of mood and occasion
with what communities the federal association
\ may be begun. We can even encourage feeble
federal experiments which do not venture even
so far as that along the path to sanity, in the
certainty that either they will fade out again or
else that they will become liberal realities of the
type to which the whole world must ultimately
conform. Behind any such half-hearted tenta-
tives an educational propaganda can be active
and effective.
But when it comes to the rate and amount of
participation in the construction of a rational
world order we can expect from any country or
group of countries, we are in a field where there
is little more than guessing and haphazard
generalisations about " national character" to